Implementing a voice enabled chatbot which converses with a user via their voice in natural language.
The chatbot can be configured through domain-specific.


Connect fast and response to user query as soon as possible.


Find the chat intent before answering the query.


Play vital role in building chat with inactive people and dive them into active customers.


Data Driven

Client can configure the domains and corresponding data to give personalized response to customers.

Open Source

Clients have chatbot code available so they can tune the code according to requirements.

Clean Design

We will put multiple configurable methods for chatbot to setup service for our clients.

About Me

We are a group of oriented and self-driven technologists who is passionate about solving challenging problems. We are trying to put open source solutions for scalable problems in machine learning. This will help our clients and supporters to use the code and our service to use our code which will help them to focus on their core problem.


Weather Information

Hey, what is the weather today?

Will it rain today?

Location Information

I want to know if there are any shopping stores near me

Inventory Information

Can you tell me availability of item in Store X?

If we have topics like the weather, location information, inventory information etc the application should be able to converse in that particular topic.

I want to know if there are any shopping stores near me.

These are the nearest stores:- A, B, C. Where do you wanna go?

I want to go to the most popular one among them

All right, showing you directions to C.

So, mainly the chatbot should formulate appropriate responses to incoming questions and carry on the conversation. Keeping in mind, the conversation would be in natural language and the user is returned sufficient information.



Clone the repo

Clone the voice-enabled-chatbot repo locally.

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Install Dependencies

We need PyAudio, a cross-platform audio I/O library. Install other requirements given in below link.



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